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Other People's Computers
Speak Softly / Carry a Big Stick
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The Farmer Project

Why Did The Farmer Receive An Award? Because they were out standing in their field.

I will be OUTSTANDING in my fields.

Someone you immediately think of when you need someone to give a keynote about open source or databases or python or cloud computing or developer relations or mental health. Or someone you absolutely swoon about when you find out they’re giving the keynote at a conference you’re attending. It’s not as much that I will be internet famous as I will inspire, encourage, and empower the next generation of non-binary and queer people to join, shape, and revolutionise the tech industry.

To that end, there are three projects that support this main project: Wake Up Beauty, it’s Time to Beast [Health], Other People’s Computers [Technical], Speak Softly / Carry a Big Stick [Leadership], and A Penny Earned [Financial].